Editor Note: Summer 2022 The Purification Issues

Editor's Notes by Candice Solomon
Publisher & Editor In Chief, FADDY MAGAZINE USA
Candice Solomon, Publisher & Editor In Chief, Faddy Magazine. Winter New York City


The process of making something spiritually or ceremonially clean.”Purification of the mind through reflection and contemplation.

And this is exactly what I have done on all levels of my journey this Spring and summer.

I am beyond moved and honored that the Formentos created another epic front and back cover for me and a journey of great story telling through their amazing Nostalgia series at the Dive motel and other locations throughout the country.

I’m truly honored to feature two rising stars from Central Saint Martins both of these young female designers are on the fast track to stardom and I’m delighted to support them in any way I can. 

Everyone in this issue has been carefully selected their stories are woven with great care and love for their craft. I’m also very excited about the direction I’ve taken Faddy USA. It’s been a long road and well worth the sleepless nights and long hours curating and crafting something worth waiting for and a visual delight for the FADDY Magazine USA audience. I say FADDY USA because that is exactly who we are and not anyone or anything else. 

I’m proud of the work that we all have done as a collaborative global family and I look forward to what’s coming next. Stay tuned for my upcoming Fall and Holiday issues they will be something to treasure and marvel at. 

Sending everyone big love always.


Candice Solomon
Publisher / Editor in Chief
Faddy Magazine USA



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Summer 2022 “The Purification Issue”

FADDY Magazine USA Summer 2022 Purification Issue
FADDY Magazine USA Summer 2022 Purification Issue
Iván Aguirre
Forment+Formento Nostalgia
Inside cover : ELENA PARASKEVA
FREDDY KOH: agatha
JINGYI XIE Rising Star: Central Saint Martins
MARTINA DURIKOVICOVA Rising Star: Central Saint Martins
Who Is Cody Rothschild?


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